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Sixty Degrees Is the Ideal Temperature, Change My Mind. Snippets: May 22, 2023

The perfect weather to run the AC and hide online.

Neat visual overhaul to aspects of Survivalist: Invisible Strain. Price increase soon! (Steam)
Just Survival- The Zombie Awakening is coming out of the gate a little rough with server issues and an array of thumbs-down reviews. At $30, I won't be snagging it anytime soon, but I'll keep watch! (Steam)

Hashtag Survival

 ‣ Dee, Becca, and I have finalized a great first draft for our '6 Pillars of Survival.' We'll probably publish and talk about it in Discord first- then I hope to write an article on it. It would probably be it the third article on the topic I am working on!

 ‣ SCUM. SCUUUM. YOU ARE BREAKING MY FUCKING HEART. Dee and I finally have the time and mental bandwidth to get into SCUM since the Hell's Kitchen update. And nothing fucking works! We are stymied from getting into the server we rented because of some connection error- which many people are experiencing. And then, in solo play, I keep dying due to a bug that won't let me remedy C2 injuries. My sadness is an ocean. Insult to injury, we purchased the DLC hairstyles before we realized we couldn't access the damn game.

 ‣ My personal backlog is again on hold- developers sent me a few keys, so I hope to get those reviewed soon!

Don't Miss Out

Endzone: A World Apart is a BARGAIN at $9.99. Hurry, the sale ends May 25th. (Steam)

Survival Gaming News

Props to Hinterland for being upfront on their issues in making the timeline they originally set for the Expansion Part releases. That's a much nicer way of doing it than announcing many delays and releasing shit content. LOOKING AT MANY RECENT HIGHLY HYPED RELEASES. (Website)

A content-dense Dev Log from Beyond Contact- you'll want to hit the link because these gifs and images look great. (Steam News)

Interesting news dump from the developer of SurrounDead. Also notable is that the game's price was cut from $15.99 to $11.99. (Steam News)

If you have not tried the Prologue for Above Snakes, IDK WTF you're waiting for! It has had 400,000 downloads. Try it. (It'll also work great on your Steamdeck.) Anyway, video update from the dev. (YouTube)

If you're in the mood for more The Day Before drama, the head mod (or at least a high-ranking one) was banned last month. That's what I get for keeping that server muted, I guess! (Twitter)