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Privacy and Contact

Privacy, contact info, and other junk.

This is a website about Survival games, random shit, and cats.

We don't run ads on the site, and we do not sell your information. Security for the website is handled by the Ghost platform itself.

The only information you provide us is your nickname/name as your user handle and your email. This information is used to send you our newsletter(s) if you are signed up to receive them. It's also used to create a personal profile and handle your subscription to the site, should you choose to pay for one.

Besides those two pieces of information, the analytics on the platform will tell me what country you are from, which helps me learn the times of day best for making posts. I can also see what post prompted someone to sign up for the site or if you opened the newsletter or tossed it into the manure pile.

I won't spam you- if you only want to use your login to read the posts locked behind an account, you may do so! You can pop into your settings and turn off receiving newsletters. Remember that you may miss post announcements or other content from that category/tag.

If you have questions about anything on the website, please get in touch via Discord.