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I'm so Bad, I'm Good | Snippets for May 11th, 2023.

Survival news and snark.

This week: State of Decay 2 dropped their major content patch, nicknamed Heart Attack, and Floodland dropped their big ass content rework- Update 1.2, "New Tide."
Occupy Mars and Voidtrain were released to Early Access on Steam.
Fargone has settled on May 24th as the release date for the next content patch! (Steam News)
SCUM has finally released HELL'S KITCHEN 0.8.500.67830. (Ooooh, that's why they have cool nicknames. I got it.)
I'll have to toss a new server up for the community- in the past, I've used PingPerfect, but if anyone has a tip for a good quality server host, lemme know. (Steam News)

Hashtag Survival

 ‣ I'll give our poll another week or two and close it out. The results are looking good!

 ‣ Dee and I rehashed our thoughts on the Voidtrain demo.

 ‣ Composing Snippets while listening to this song on repeat MAKES IT FEEL PRETTY INTENSE. (YouTube)

Don't Miss Out

I know of AT LEAST 15 survival titles on sale. Some you NEED to get- like SCUM. Some you NEED to avoid- like Erzurum.
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Survival Gaming News

Chinese Frontiers is sticking to these Dev Logs; good for them! (Steam News)

A one-day delay on the upgrade to UE5 for the developer of KeepUp Survival. Hopefully not the first of many! Shit happens. (Steam News)

Sapiens will drop update 0.4, codename 'Windstorms'  in about a week. I guess it's less "codenamed" than "named," but this sounds cooler. Maybe I should codename Snippet posts. (Steam News)

This is my weekly reminder that Sons of the Forest, like Icarus, puts out patches basically all the fucking time. So be sure to check the patch notes each time you download a patch. And that was your tip for the day! Project Zomboid doesn't do shit weekly, but when they post a news update, like this one here, it's chunky and has tons of pictures. So best go and click it.

The developers of Endzone: A World Apart are officially closing the chapter on the development of the title. However! They're already working on something new. (Steam News)

A lot of fancy gun changes for Dee to enjoy in Survive the Nights. (Steam News)

Fixed some stairs and added railings in The Infected. Psst, truck ramps soon?! (Steam News)

Serum continues to say little of importance. (Steam News)

If you liked Raft or like doing shit in space, try this playtest. (Steam News)