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"There's nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend." Snippets- May 25, 2023

Back in the saddle again!

The developer of Fargone has released the patch notes for Unknown Origins, a huge content-filled patch that will be dropping tomorrow, May 26th. The game will be going on sale simultaneously, and it's worth checking out! (Steam News)
Above Snakes is OUT NOW. Buy, buy, buy! But if you're unsure, try the demo. (Steam News)
Oldowan is now live! Check it out if you want a simple, relaxed survival experience. (Steam Store)

Hashtag Survival

 ‣ I posted a Snippets on Monday the 22nd, left work, and got into a car accident. So I have completed absolutely nothing Hashtag related for the week and am just now trying to focus on things again.

Don't Miss Out

EposVox, aka 'The Stream Professor,' will release a masterclass on OBS Studio. The presale price for this course is phenomenal, so check it out. 

Survival Gaming News

Anchors ahoy for Escape the Pacific. (YouTube)

The developer for The Infected has been slamming out tiny updates all week. (Steam News)

A fairly typical Project Zomboid blog post filled with details and pictures. (Steam News)

As someone (correctly) pointed out, the developers of Forever Skies posted an announcement of a future announcement. (Steam News)
I do like their proposed difficulty levels, though.

Vein has posted Dev Log #7 and a new update summary with their update. (Steam News)

Fucking FOREWARNED. Like it wasn't enough that I had to swivel my head all around- now I have to look up too? (YouTube)

DayZ finally breaks their "NEW PATCH=GUNS" streak by adding crossbows and mail armor. #ProgressMaybe? (Steam News)

Keep an eye on SurrounDead's progress via their roadmap! (Trello)

Playtest keys for Rooted out in June? Maybe? Never know, with everyone getting delayed lately? (Steam News)
And I guess you'll be able to do the same pushing and pulling that Lara Croft has been doing for ages.


Life Not Supported will release into Early Access on 26/06/23 at 16:01 UTC (One minute after the Steam Next Fest). (Steam Store)