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From Winter to Summer. Snippets- May 18th, 2023

Favorite flower- Pansy. I LOVE THE LITTLE FACES.

Kinda random, but I've heard this game is good - currently on a massive sale of 67% off! The sale ends May 21st.
Other sales worth checking out: Hunter: Call of the Wild, Endzone - A World Apart, Drive 4 Survival, The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation
Homeseek is pumping out some exciting changes & improvements- and also guides
You can now playtest Chinese Frontiers with their new Prologue. I tried the playtest a while back and didn't click with it, but builder-minded people may like it.

Hashtag Survival

 ‣ Splicing the directory in two! Kind of a big side project I've been working on for a bit, based around the fancy survival definition we worked up. I'm not sure when it will go live, possibly next Wednesday at our next weekly meeting. The upcoming directory will continue to be one large block with no filters. Safer for my sanity.

 ‣ Still looking for feedback, so please hit up this poll and provide some input on Hashtag!

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Survival Gaming News

Rooted released their Alpha Roadmap. My little OCD grain is more impressed by this layout, though! Hmm.  (Website)

I would wear one of these! (Website)

How do you go through a rework if you don't exist? (Steam News)

The developer of KeepUp Survival divided the move to UE5 into two patches: the first went live on 5/14, and the second will be sometime this week. (Steam News)

Ha! I love this vegan community option; nice touch Floodland! (Steam News)

Nightingale was delayed; where's my shocked face? Hopefully, this delay is fruitful for them, unlike whatever Endnight did during their delays. (Steam News)

The Infected adding more stuff for builders! (Steam News)

I always love HumanitZ dev updates, but am I the only one that finds the character looks kind of whatever since the game viewpoint is top-down? (Steam News)

"However, I cannot recommend this to anyone who wants to spend money."
At least reviews for The Swordsmen X:Survival are funny.

If your favorite thing about survival titles is the base building, check this simulation game out and let me know your thoughts! (Steam Store)