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Dead on Arrival #4

What power is there in a name, anyway?

Happy Monday!‌

Maaaaan. Discord has everyone in an uproar over their latest announcement.
ICYMI: They're swapping usernames and dropping the discriminator- the 4-digit little doodad on the end of your handle.

Finding a username has been a hot topic in my household for the past week or two. Becca (aka, my wife) is looking to set herself up with a small YouTube channel and lacks a handle.

It's made me think about the billions of usernames, game handles, and nicknames I've had over the years. Sifner, my longest-running handle, came from my time in World of Warcraft. The name of my character, surprisingly enough, wasn't even Sifner. It was Cyphyr. But for some reason, the PUG raid leader would always belt out "SIFNER!" And after the first few fuck ups, I finally twigged on to the fact that he meant me! (Hi. I'm the problem, it's me.) WoW friends brought the nickname into circulation, and that was that.

Do you have a nickname origin story? Slide it into the comments on the website, or let us know in Discord. 🖤
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