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I stumbled across The Long Dark back in the summer of 2018.

I was immediately hooked. I loved everything about it: the solitude, the atmosphere, the music. Don’t even get me started on the permadeath. The fact that you could play for a hundred hours and lose everything just based on the casually made choice of whether or not to carry a weapon while foraging for wood… it’s just amazing. Playing TLD is what tipped me into the rabbit hole of survival games- it’s what led me to pick up a little game called Green Hell on the day it was released. That game also hit me hard -and within that first week, I took up a position as the community manager for the official Green Hell Discord. That year-long whirlwind solidified my obsession with the genre to such a degree that I dragged my wife and sister down into the often zombie-filled depths with me.

And that’s where we noticed some bizarre and annoying shit.

With other genres, we were able to ask for recommendations. If you wanted an MMO, it was easy to get ideas. Need a new side scroller? Boom. A squad-based PvP game? Pow! Then we tried to find referrals for survival titles – in Discord, on subreddits- and it was an utter failure. Folks were recommending shit; we’d pick the titles up… and were honestly confused about how the game was even survival. We’re not even talking about a “just add hunger, and it’s survival” type game, but games where the only thing that made it survival was that you needed not to die. By that rationale, World of Warcraft was survival. Mario World was survival. What wouldn’t qualify as survival??

This website and community are a passion project supported by my wife and sister. We wanted to create a place where fellow survival gamers can come together, share their knowledge, and find the best games that fit the survival genre. Our community is composed of like-minded gamers who share our passion for survival games and are always willing to help.
We provide reviews, articles, and other resources to ensure you make an informed decision before purchasing a game. We also love to chat about shit we love- or hate.
Let's not let mislabeled games ruin our love for survival gaming. With Hashtag Survival, you can find the games that offer the challenge and excitement we crave. Happy gaming!


Okay, but why should I subscribe?

Great question! Let’s start with this- You don’t have to pay to access much of the content that Hashtag Survival creates, like this Substack. You can subscribe to the Steam Curator group or listen to a Podcast I created with my sister. (Search it on Spotify as well, we hope to make a second season this year!)

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Dee (Nooblar)

Dee lives in New York with her partner and their cat, Ramen. When not doing the corpse run of shame in a game she can instead be found enjoying some tabletop role playing or building and driving her RC cars.


In his spare time, Jordan enjoys flying his drone- sometimes into walls- and hanging with his 8 cats. He also reads ALL the time, including in the shower. We don't ask why.


Becca enjoys hanging with her eight cats while drinking tea and working on one of her many hobbies; Sims4 mod building, knitting, and growing her collection of crystals.